• Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Workshop

    Thursday, August 1st

    What is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy? Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR) is a relatively new form of exercise that includes reducing blood flow to the arm or leg to make the muscles work harder, which in turn increases or...

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  • Low Back Pain Workshop (Grafton)

    Thursday, September 19th

    Join us for a low back pain workshop & meet our new Park River & Grafton Physical Therapists: Makenzie Gedrose, PT, DPT & Lyndsi Klundt, PT, DPT Learn what causes low back pain and what can be done to...

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  • Head, Neck & Shoulder Pain Workshop

    Thursday, October 3rd

    Join us for a FREE workshop on head, neck & shoulder pain. Learn the most common causes of neck pain, shoulder pain, how a problem in your neck can cause pain/numbness/tingling in your arm, how your posture can be...

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  • Chronic Pain Management Workshop

    Thursday, November 7th

    Join us & our physical therapist, Laurie Holte, as we discuss Chronic Pain Management. Chronic pain can cause severe stress and turmoil to individuals and their families, changing the way they live on a day to day basis. This...

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