Roger B.

Dec10th 2020

After a reverse shoulder replacement (at the U of M) on my right shoulder, Cliff at Achieve Therapy was recommended to me by a few local veterans he had helped. We started out with routine physical therapy. After a short time it became evident that infection has set in on my shoulder. It then became impossible for Cliff to continue with my physical therapy. In the months to follow, and after 8 surgical debridements, it became evident that the only way to stop the spread of the injection was to remove the right shoulder joint. At this point I found myself back at Achieve Therapy, but this time with no shoulder. I remember Cliff’s interview asking me what my goals for recovery were. At this point the muscles in my shoulder were so weak from all those surgeries that I was unable to even lift the weight of my own hand. I remember telling Cliff that I’d like to be able to pick up a bale of hay and slap a sharp salute for my veteran’s activities. In the months to follow we were able to achieve those goals and much more. My hats off to Achieve Therapy for their willingness to work with Veterans and their care outside of the VA. Thank you Achieve Therapy!