Patient Testimonials

  • To me the most important thing is the people!! The air when you walk in is always friendly and accommodating. I absolutely love the staff. My physical Therapist, Heather has done more for me than anyone anywhere. Jeff is always willing to set you up on a workout plan and Leah is always there to kick your butt for not coming in to work out. There is a lot of personal caring. Staff really cares about YOU.


  • After receiving physical therapy services from another provider, I sought relief at Achieve Therapy. From the minute I walked in the door, Achieve Therapy’s staff was friendly and knowledgeable. After a couple weeks therapy, I felt better than I had in over a year. I am so grateful for the comprehensive care I received at Achieve Therapy. I will not hesitate to return to their center in the future! The staff and services provided at Achieve Therapy are second to none!!


  • I have a life again! It was almost a year after my accident and I still had pain in my neck, shoulder, hip and other areas that had been injured. Medical care was helping me, but it was when I began PT that the hurt began leaving. First PT was twice a week-then once a week. Pilates was added-it was humbling what I could not do. Today I am in my second week of Pilates with an excellent instructor who keeps in mind the injuries other students and I have had and modify the exercises for each of us. Pilates and PT with Annette bring me to the next level of health. I am learning stretches and exercises that I will be able to use the rest of my life for fast relief of pains not accident related. I have my life again! And it sure feels good!


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