Presented by: Jeff Barta, MBA, L/AT, CSCS

By popular request - A Workshop on Balance

Sep 19

Time 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

location Achieve Therapy Grafton
6 E 12th St
Grafton, ND

Do you ever feel tipsy?

September is Fall Prevention month so join us during our Open House for a workshop on balance. Come by and meet our Park River & Grafton Physical Therapists, Lacey Wilcox, PT, DPT, Makenzie Gedrose, PT, DPT & Lyndsi Klundt, PT, DPT, who are trained to assist you in improving your balance and preventing falls.

Learn how the loss of balance can impact your life. We will show you the symptoms associated with balance disorders and the 3 essential components of your body’s balance system. We will explain how our balance system works and how to recognize when it is not working well. You will learn how one simple test can let you know if balance training would benefit you. We will explain what physical therapy & training is available for you to address your balance concerns.


  1. You have fallen or have the feeling you are going to fall?
  2. You have dizziness or vertigo?
  3. You experience lightheadedness, faintness or a floating sensation

Presented by: Jeff Barta, MBA, L/AT, CSCS


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