Violet K.

Dec10th 2020

A year ago, I was recuperating from the removal of a large Desmoid tumor from my left flank area. The surgery had left me in a lot of pain and with almost no ability to use my left arm. Along with the surgery pain, I have fibromyalgia and a torn rotator cuff. Guess one could say I was a hot mess.

Tom Carson, from Achieve Therapy, had been following my case and asked me if I was willing to try dry needling as part of a demonstration he was doing one Saturday morning in Grand Forks. I agreed. Much to my surprise, the results were really good and I had more range of motion even after 1 time!! I’m sure the shock on my face told the audience this was working!! Tom suggested I continue to do dry needling with Lacey Wilcox in Park River, as it was closer to home.

Lacey was wonderful! She worked with me for months to get the results I wanted. I saw her once a week for an hour and could see an increase in range of motion after each time. I also noticed my pain wasn’t as intense. Dry needling was not painful or unbearable. But was well worth being exhausted for the next 24 hours. I would always remember too late that I was supposed to drink lots of fluids after each session!

It was an experience I will be forever grateful for. I couldn’t even dress myself before I started dry needling. Since I had limited range of motion, I couldn’t use a straight iron in my hair! It was a struggle to adapt but with feeling better and finally being able to move my left arm and shoulder, I started to do much better. I no longer have any pain from the torn rotator cuff and my fibromyalgia is under control. I will always have a certain amount of pain from the removal of the tumor as they had to take out a large parameter surrounding it, but I am learning to live with it. I hope everyone has the results I have experienced with dry needling. It was worth driving 2 hours, round trip once a week for treatment. Thank you, Tom and thank you, Lacey! I am so grateful you guys took the time to help me through it!