Tanner M.

Dec10th 2020

I’ve had hip issues for years and could never figure out what was wrong. I met Tom at a networking event and told him what was going on and he suggested I come in for a free consultation. After that visit we started doing weekly session to address the issue before I looked into surgical options. It was concluded that surgery (At age 27) was the best option. Months later I had the surgery and was able to complete BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) sessions which greatly accelerated my recovery process. Which went from not being able to play hockey or golf for 6-9 Months to playing my first round of golf 3 months after surgery. Not only did Tom provide an excellent recovery schedule he also made himself available for questions and last minute issues. I recently pulled my groin which typically takes 6 weeks of recovery and after 3 weeks of PT with Tom I was able to get back to skating 4 times a week and able to snowboard. I’d highly recommend Tom and the team at Achieve for any and all physical ailments and will continue to use the team throughout the future.