Dec10th 2020

Achieve Therapy has the greatest physical therapists I have ever been to in Grand Forks. I have had several surgeries, been to many different physical therapists and none of them rate even close to the therapists at Achieve. They are very thorough by making sure you reach your goal before shoving you out the door. If you are honest with them they are very understanding. If something that you/they are doing hurts they want to know, they don’t want you to be in pain. They also don’t want to make things worse.

As far as the workout area, it is very clean and has every piece of equipment is very clean. They also offer a great variety of classes that you can take to improve yourself.

The staff is wonderful and very uplifting. They push you in a positive way if you need that little extra push. You will never hear any negative comments out of anybody.

Achieve is a small enough place that when you go there you don’t end up running into 100 people that you know and end up talking for an hour. You can go in and get your workout done in a reasonable amount of time at very reasonable price.

Achieve is locally owned and operated so they understand how people from Grand Forks and East Grand Forks expect the way things operate, so they do their best to meet those expectations. There is really no turnover of staff so you get to know the staff, and they get to know you.

My son, at 10 years old, had a very serious injury and had sensory issues to touch prior to his accident. His therapist was so great and put him at ease. He recovered very quickly from his injury. He has some nerve damage but the therapist was very thorough on how to handle that and how long it would take. So not only are they great with adults, a wonderful with children as well :-).

Ceiling fan of the My son is he huge Boston College hockey fan. He knows that it is practically illegal to cheer for Boston when you have the Sioux local, but he only cheers for Boston when they are in town and is a true Sioux fan just to make sure that is clear. His therapist went out of his way to write a letter and get my son a Boston College t-shirt, hat, poster and card written from the team and was signed by each player as well as each player signing the poster. Not a lot of people go out of their way to do kind things like that at work. He was so excited!