I’m so very grateful for the referral to Laurie Holte. Due to a congenital anomaly that was just diagnosed last year, I experienced years of distressing symptoms that affected many systems (musculoskeletal, lymphatic, nervous, digestive, etc). The anomaly was repaired at Mayo last fall but prior to that, I needed help managing all the associated problems. Dr. Schall referred me to Laurie Holte, who has been my angel through all of this. She was able to do techniques to manage the bursitis, arthritis, edema, fasciitis, etc. It is amazing how much the lymphedema mobilization and fascial release helped. She also used neuromuscular strategies to relax specific muscles and strengthen others to promote balance, pain reduction, & function. Her education strategies have also been extremely helpful; I can now activate specific muscles to pull my SI joint back in place independently within 5 minutes of the onset of symptoms. I’m truly amazed at the vast knowledge she has about all of the body systems. While she has mastered the “science” of PT, she has also mastered the “art”, always using therapeutic listening skills and calming, supportive communication. I would highly recommend her to anyone! In addition, I also saw Gary Schindler a few times and he also was exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable in all areas. When I was searching for the best PTs in the area, I requested names from OTs, PTs, faculty members, and doctors; Laurie Holte and Gary Schindlers names came up the most frequently. I’m so grateful for their services that helped me get through the most difficult time of my life. The primary problems are now resolved but I will continue to go to Achieve for periodic maintenance and support for arthritic changes. Thank-you Laurie and Gary!!