Our Team

Beth Ness, Fitness Director, Instructor

My name is: Beth

I was born in: Mayville, ND

But now I live:   Thompson, ND

The best part about my job is:   Helping people become stronger and healthier.

I’m inspired by:  The people who believe in me

My best kept secret is:  I don’t really think I have one…idk

I collect:  Antique pottery

I never leave the house without: contacts or eyeglasses

If I could live in any decade it would be: 1950’s

Because:  Post war time with significant development, but a simple life for people.  

The person I’d love to meet (dead or alive) is: Lucille Ball

Because: I find her absolutely hilarious!  I love her old movies

If I could wear only 1 color it would be:  black

On Sunday afternoon, I like to:  relax and listen to music or play the piano

If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d take these 3 things:   diet coke, chap stick and watermelon

I love: My family, my friends and my animals